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For the first time at the National PTA Convention which is being held in Ohio, a National PTA Youth Leadership Summit was also being held.  A panel on Bullying was moderated by National PTA President Betsy Landers and comprised of high school and college leaders, television host, Kari Byron, of Discovery Channel’s flagship show, Mythbusters; along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.   Sec. Duncan compassionately stated that it is powerful when children reach out and tell someone that they are being bullied as well as those who report when they have witnessed someone being bullied.  “Don’t give up!” he repeated vehemently.

Secretary Duncan insisted that “Children must learn to be their own advocates!” I agree and this is why as president of our intermediate school’s  PTA, we created a PTA Youth Leader group to whom we provided advocacy training while involving our high school, then…

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