BMX Stunt Show for School – Unforgettable & Educational

Somewhere a rule was written that school shows and assemblies aren’t allowed to be fun and exciting. Perfection on Wheels is here to break that rule. We believe school shows should be unforgettable and educational without any of the typical blah. From rewarding students to teaching valuable life lessons, a BMX stunt show for school is the perfect way to transform the standard school show into something extraordinary.

bmx stunt rider

BMX rider performing stunts for schools in Anaheim

Memorable Messages 

Our BMX stunt team helps deliver messages about anti-bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, character building and Red Ribbon Week. These are messages that can’t just be delivered in passing. You want your students to remember them not just a few weeks, but their entire lives. When students remember the message, they tend to act on it. By adding in stunts, students have something visually stimulating which increases their interest in the message.

Rewards Like No Other 

Want to give your students a reward they’ll never forget? Want to give students even more of a reason to work hard in school? Reward them with a BMX stunt show for school. Not only do students see positive role models that are living their dreams by working hard, but they feel appreciated for all the hard work they’ve put in to studying, paying attention and attending class. While a sticker is a great way to show a student you’re proud, the occasional exhilarating BMX show doesn’t hurt either.

Dedicated Pros

Our professional BMX stunt team is just as dedicated to educating and motivating your students as they are to their performance. That dedication shines through with every performance and students will take notice. When we deliver our message, students feel our excitement which excites them. They want to learn and follow our example. By being professional ourselves, we’re creating future pros that will inspire future students. In fact, when students learn together through our BMX stunt show for school, they keep each other motivated to succeed and be the best possible version of themselves.

Easy To Setup

We require very little from schools. Let us know what you need and when. We handle almost everything else. We even have promotional material to get students hyped about the upcoming event. Our radical approach is an unforgettable experience that your students deserve. That’s why we make it extremely easy to bring our show to your school. From positive, educational messages to uplifting rewards, we do it all so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

by Jacqueline Itson


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