School Assembly Performers

School Assembly Performers- BMX  Stunt Team – Teaching By Example 

One of the best ways to teach a student is by example. You could explain a complicated science process or you could demonstrate it.  Students tend to remember something when they actually see it in action. When it comes to hosting a school assembly to tackle topics like bullying, drug and alcohol use and even character building, would you rather just talk to them or teach by example? If you really want the assembly to stay with the students, let the Perfection On Wheels BMX stunt team be the shining example you’ve been looking for.

Carefully Chosen Pros 

Every single member the Perfection on Wheels stunt team is carefully chosen. They’ve worked hard and remained focused on staying positive and avoiding negativity, drugs and alcohol. They are positive examples that students can look up to. Our team is dedicated to helping every one of your students gain the education and tools they need to deal with difficult situations that may occur throughout their lives.

Why Stunts? 

It may seem like overkill to use BMX stunts to engage students. However, students love something exciting that keeps their attention and doesn’t seem anything like school. After listening to teachers all day, they’re not likely to be thrilled listening to an assembly by those same teachers. We offer something fun and different. Honestly, would you rather listen to a speaker or watch an incredible BMX stunt show?

Secret Education

Students are so interested in watching the stunts and learning more about the team that they don’t even realize it’s actually an educational performance. We’re trained to deliver those somewhat sensitive messages. It’s not until they start talking about the assembly that they discover what they’ve learned. By that time, they’re excited about the lesson and ready to be just like our team of examples. We encourage students to live a positive, clean life by showing them just how amazing their lives can be. It’s inspiring and educational without being boring.

Hard Work Is Fun!

While we’re educating students, we’re also doing something else – proving that hard work is actually fun. How many students hate doing homework or studying for tests? Our BMX stunt team at Perfection on Wheels proves that hard work leads to a dream lifestyle of being able to do what you love. Our assemblies build character and help students in all aspects of their lives. Our team is a powerful example and one that stays with students long after the show is over.

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BMX School Assembly Program



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