BMX Stunt shows


The high-flying, thrilling stunts performed by Perfection On Wheels will provide educational and informational insight on how living a drug free, safe life can be achieved without sacrificing having a good time. 

For over 20 years,  this BMX stunt show has provided students of all ages an original view on living a drug free life.  Perfection On Wheels is owned and operated by BMX Freestyle legend, Woody Itson, who was inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame in 2010. Itson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Cal State Fullerton and has decades of experience in the bicycle industry. Jacqueline Itson, Marketing Director of the company, is an eight year veteran in elementary education and has a strong background in character development and educational development. This team of professionals provides students at any level and age with a thrilling and informative presentation that is not easily forgotten. 

Along with the assembly choices, Perfection On Wheels offers additional marketing materials to help and motivate students to reach their personal best and motivate them to live a drug free life. Some materials that are included are promotional CDs, hallway posters, backstage passes and t-shirts. 

The goal of the education BMX stunt show is  to provide a thrilling and exciting presentation for students while teaching them that choosing to live a drug-free, active life can be anything but boring. The entire program provides motivational, high-energy commentary that is meant to inspire students to make the right decisions, not only when it comes to drugs, but also in their choices in everyday life.

This uplifting and exciting school assembly is provided by the company at prices based on type of show and location, and promotional discounts are also available. Perfection On Wheels bicycle pros travel to all corners of the United States, spreading their motivational message to kids that may need the boost to do the right thing. 

The booking and scheduling of your event is simple, with specific prices offered online at You can also ask questions and learn more about just what this team of extraordinary individuals has to offer to your school. Anti-drug assembly programs are just one of many topics offered. They also can be booked for assembly topics like anti-bullying, bicycle safety, character building, red ribbon week, and for special school assemblies throughout the year. Log on today to discover the exciting things that Perfection On Wheels has to offer, and how they can help to motivate students to not only make the right choices, but also to live an active and healthy life.


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