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The Importance of Biking with Lights and Reflectors

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Have you ever been driving late at night and seen a bicyclist appear on the side of the road seemingly out of nowhere? Anyone who has had this pulse-pounding experience knows how important reflectors and lights are to nighttime bike safety. Here is an easy “how-to” guide for staying safe at night from Charles Haine, author of “The Urban Biking Handbook.”

By law all bikes are required to have reflectors: front, back, and on pedals. Reflectors provide a very limited amount of safety, as they only reflect light that is headed in that direction.

It’s far more important to have an emissive light source on your bike, ideally two, to announce your presence to others on the road and increase your safety.

Most city ordinances require that all bikes have lights, as they are moving vehicles, which require illumination. However, most bicycles are not sold with lights included or attached…

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